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What Do These Air-Suspended Wheels Found on Trucks and Trucks Actually Do?


Did you see the wheels suspended in the air behind trucks or lorries before? So, what purpose do they serve while they are in the air? Let's explain the purpose of the wheels we often see in the air but don't fully understand what they are for.

You may have noticed that there are multiple wheels next to each other on trailers pulled by trucks or lorries. Usually, two wheels are in contact with the ground while one wheel behind or in front of them remains suspended in the air. So, in total, we see six wheels on most trucks, with two of them being in the air. But why do we see them in the air when there is another pair of wheels that can bear the load?

Today, we will discuss why the wheels at the back of trucks and trailers, often seen in the air, serve a purpose. Many people think that these wheels serve as spare tires, but in reality, installing an axle system for spare tires is an expensive method. These wheels serve a more important purpose. Let's now explain why the wheels at the back of trucks and trailers are usually in the air.

Air Suspension Systems and Their Function:

The wheels suspended in the air behind trucks and lorries are often associated with air suspension systems. These systems are used to adjust the vehicle's height and provide better balance when carrying a load. When they are not carrying a load, drivers can raise these wheels using hydraulic or pneumatic systems. This reduces the wheel contact with the road, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Load Distribution and Performance:

The wheels suspended in the air are important for balancing and distributing the load carried by the vehicle. When heavy loads are carried, using these wheels ensures that the load is evenly distributed across the vehicle's axles. This increases the vehicle's stability and optimizes its performance.

Fuel Savings and Mechanical Wear:

Using the wheels suspended in the air can reduce fuel consumption and mechanical wear. Reduced wheel contact reduces friction and increases fuel efficiency. Additionally, having fewer mechanical parts rotating reduces wear and tear, thus lowering maintenance costs.

Safety and Tire Blowouts:

The wheels suspended in the air can reduce the impact of tire blowouts and provide more safety to drivers. A blown tire can cause the vehicle to lose control or have an accident. However, the wheels suspended in the air help maintain the vehicle's stability by balancing the weight of the other wheels when one tire blows out.

Special Applications and Heavy Load Transportation:

In some special applications and heavy load transportation scenarios, the use of wheels suspended in the air is common. Special trucks and trailers may be designed to carry loads weighing thousands of tons, and in such cases, the number and position of wheels suspended in the air are taken into consideration.


The wheels suspended in the air behind trucks and trailers are an important feature that enhances the vehicle's performance and safety. The use of these wheels provides advantages such as fuel savings, load distribution, reduction of mechanical wear, and safety enhancement. Today, many trucks and trailers are equipped with this feature, providing drivers with a safer and more efficient driving experience.






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